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Blogs are probably the hardest things about my website. I love telling stories, I am a storyteller at heart but when it comes to writing it, its as if my brain kinda skips a beat and forgets what the stories are even about.

This is all about stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing the changes, and nowadays everyone Bloggs. I just need to put on my grownup pants and sooo here it goes.

Let's start off with 5 things you may not know about me.

1. Breakfast is my favorite type of food. I love making it, eating it. Breakfast.... I LOVE IT.

2. I love caffeine, I am shamelessly a caffeine addict. It doesn't matter the form it comes in... I just need the ALL of the caffeine! That being said I do really enjoy a good ice latte with a little sweetener in it and the perfect ratio of dark, rich, espresso goodness, milk, and ice.

3. I just celebrated my 4 year anniversary with my husband this March, I honestly couldn't be happier.. but seriously he did all the laundry and cleaned up without me asking the other day... what can I say, dreams really do come true!! He knows I don't want flowers or chocolates... I want the dishes washed, or the laundry folded... I like real life stuff.. flowers can't vacuum my floors. hah

4. I hate folding laundry.. If you couldn't tell from above. Hands down folded laundry over flowers any day!

5. Deciding to be a photographer was probably one of the hardest decision I had to make. For me, the choice wasn't something I made lightly. I had invested a lot of time before I even I took the leap to call this "my job". I honed my passion into skill and educated myself in so many things before I considered myself a photographer and even using that word "photographer" makes me cringe a little.

One thing is for sure, in this industry with the introduction of digital cameras everyone can be a photographer. So now we have the... OMG, she's taking pictures too? wow so typical... everyone is a photographer now.. can't wait to see how this goes... weeeelllll this is why it took me so much longer to join the bandwagon. I looked at myself and thought.. Are you freakin serious.. you too???

*gulp* I am a Photographer, but I'm also an artist, storyteller, student, your friend. Capturing your love is my passion. I have taken pictures of some of the happiest and saddest days of people's lives. That is why I do this, I do this because sometimes you need to have those moments for yourself, pictures that speak a million words but only to you. This is my passion, this is what I breath.

But my journey to this point in my life wasn't easy. I wanted to be able to do something I have always loved doing. I'm so mad at myself for not doing it sooner! But I am proud of myself for finally doing it. One thing is for sure, I always feel so privileged and honored when someone chooses me to capture their special moments. I love challenges and need to step out of my comfort zone more often. I still have so much to learn and grow but I am up for the challenge.

I've written about this part of my life a few times but each time I write about it, I find myself happier with this leap of faith in my life. I'm hoping to continue to blog about my life and the life of my clients that are so near and dear to my heart, one step at a time.

One thing is for sure, I would and could not have done any of this without my own personal hero, Jesus. He has always been on my side from day one. My night in shining armor, my husband Andrew. My parents and family most definitely and friends everyone else who has invested in me. I will be forever grateful to them, more than they will ever know.


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