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Johnson Wedding

Hello, my beautiful friends! I thought it was time to blog about this beautiful wedding from a few weeks... errr months ago..... life happened and a few weeks sneak past you without noticing and now its September! Happy almost fall weather! YAY🥳!

I am so so excited to share these 2 beautiful people on my website!

I now have a new obsession with flowers and greens... and more specifically MAGNOLIAS! This wedding has forever changed me when it comes to flowers. Everyone sees those HUGE green and brown magnolia trees that have a few white flowers on them for about a month. Well let me tell you, I now know the location of about 100 trees in the hickory area. I have now conditioned myself to see these trees without even looking for them.

Fun Fact, did you know that you can not order the flowers from a vendor, and when a bride wants magnolias, we get magnolias.

Needless to say, we had to pick the flowers the night before the wedding. Picture this... My sister Naomy, my husband Andrew, me and THE BRIDE, SARA! were up till 2 am picking MAGNOLIAS! 2:00 AM!!! THE DAY OF THE WEDDING! With our flashlights and headlamps, we walked into not just 1 spider web that night. We will never forget that night and I am so happy to have been able to include these amazing flowers.

Cue magnolia flower

But seriously how beautiful are these flowers?!

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